It’s been a while.


I went to a new spot today, somewhere I figured would have a lot of native trout.

Somewhere that I figured didn’t see a lot of anglers, despite how close it is to the city.

Well, I think I was right! Lots and lots of little speckled beauties all day long…



It was a nice day.


I probably should have packed it in an hour or so earlier than I chose to. You see, the time came to tie on some more tippet and a new fly, and after being on my feet in the water all day, I decided to have a seat. As I scrambled up the bank, apparently I crushed a nest belonging to some fairly laid back wasps, because, hey, all things considered, the swarming could have been a lot worse. But, “Ow!” just the same.





A Rouge Day

We have been working hard the last couple of weeks, shooting a lot. We barely saw the boys this week, started shooting early Sunday morning and went like gangbusters for the next five days. It was time to give back, at least to the first born son!

He could choose whatever he wanted to do today, so we packed up some food and the fishing gear, jumped in the canoe, and spent some time in the sun paddling up the Rouge. Water levels were quite high, (at least eighteen inches higher than what I have seen in previous attempts) which made the paddling a lot easier than usual, and we were able to go right up past the 401 into the city run campground, until we hit a small set of rapids, when, of course, SWMBO said “no”. We didn’t have any worms so we baited with bacon. We saw lots of fish jumping… many, many birds, including a family of Canada Geese with four little goslings, a busy otter, and even a pair of curious deer.


It was a wonderful day, just to be us.