Rod Building 101: The Guide Book


I have a story to tell. At least, I hope to have a story to tell…

I am going to build myself a fly rod. I actually can’t remember how this all got started, but I have got the bug. I’ve been looking at other people’s builds on the internet, the good, the beautiful, and the downright ugly. I want to do that for me! No matter what I end up with, it will be a fly rod that was crafted by me, for me. If I can be a creative genius with images, homebrew and fly-tying, surely I can accomplish something worthy in a rod.

The Toronto Public Library may only have one book on building your own fly rod, but from the first chapter I loved reading Art Scheck’s Fly Rod Building Made Easy. It’s modern, it’s informative, easy to understand, and best of all, Art has a great sense of humour. His easy going approach to teaching makes my newbie’s stress simply vanish.


I am ordering a copy to have beside me, my guidebook into building my first fly rod!


Just a wee bit bigger…

I got out for a couple of hours this morning… I think I am starting to progress, even if it is just a little… My casts are better, my snags are fewer. I see more fish rising, I think because I’m changing up my flies a little more often. No big fish yet, but at least today’s pic show a fish that is just a wee bit bigger than last time!


Perhaps there are no big fish in this creek. Maybe they are too big, too smart for me.

I can’t complain, it’s fifteen minutes from home.





It’s been a while…

OK, I was busy. In any case, at least, now I think I have a bunch of things to write about.

I’ve been tying flies. Buying new rods and reels. Trying to read more, learn something about fly fishing, watch some videos, see how it’s done.

We have moved east. As far east as you can go, and still be in the city limits. The beautiful thing is, Highland Creek is Literally 100 metres down the road. Duffins Creek is just a quick 15 minute drive away. So… I am fly fishing again.


I am home.