Now that is awesome customer service!

It can often be a frustrating experience to contact the Customer Service department, when something we have purchased breaks, or parts go missing, or for any one of a million other reasons. I often wonder why, when I send an email, I get no reply. Even worse, is the answer, “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do to help you”.

I can’t say that the manufacturers in the outdoor recreation category have ever let me down, and what happened this month just blows me away. Awesome, awesome customer service from Minn Kota.

Yup, parts go missing. Here’s a five year old Minn Kota Power Centre, and for whatever reason, the strap, and the plastic coated wing-nuts have gone AWOL.



I’m thinking, twenty bucks in parts easily. Or perhaps, the dreaded reply, and I would need to buy a new one. I wrote and asked, “Where can I go to buy new parts? Is there a full service Minn Kota dealer in Toronto somewhere?”

I got a prompt reply to my inquiry. “We don’t carry parts for the Battery Power Centers, but we get returns that I will pull the parts off you need and send them to you.”

They were in the mail to me that afternoon. No charge.


Now that is amazing customer service… Thanks Brenda at Minn Kota!!



Last Trout of 2014

Well, I had a fabulous day on the water today. I have learned so much about about fly fishing this year from some really patient teachers… I spent the better part of the day getting instruction from Ron Massie, by mid-afternoon his advice was really paying off, one trout after another was hitting my olive wooly bugger.

LastTroutThese trout were somewhat bigger than I am used to, I didn’t really understand how to land them, much less how to best hold them for a quick photograph.

A nice end to the year!