Family Fishing Fun

Nothing to do with serious angling here, or anything that I might have learned, but in the last few weeks we’ve had some fun as a family putting the rods out, casting and catching!


Bob Leet’s Hand Tied Flies

My “Cousin Bob” has been fly fishing in the backwoods of Maine for decades. From all accounts, he is something of an accomplished outdoorsman. Bob and I only learned about each other last year (through Facebook). He has quietly observed my growing interest in the art of angling, and after seeing some pictures I took last fall in BC of George Holford fly fishing, we started chatting a little more about the sport. Bob spends every summer on a quiet lake, full of wild trout, not too far from Baxter State Park. Not only has he been generous enough to invite me to come and fish with him, but he recently offered to send me some of his favourite trout fishing flies. You can imagine my delight when a small box arrived in the mail this morning, and how overwhelmed I was to see the incredible workmanship that Bob brings to his flies. (click on the thumbnails below to see the detail…) These are not only inspiring for a new fly tyer such as myself, but a piece of family history. I’m often overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers, but I think my “new” cousin, Bob Leet, really is one heckuva fine guy.


Check out all the flies in the Image Gallery….