Here’s the damage…

I’m just posting some “Before” pictures…

All the damage is to the keel, in the stern.



I also have some issues with two of the straps that hold the stern seat in place.

I’ve picked up some West System 105 Resin, some “slow” hardener, and some Fibereglass mat and cloth. I grabbed the slow hardener, partly because of my proficiency level, partly because it is supposed to be pretty darn hot this week!


I am going to try and follow the advice as provided by West System and the fiberglass repair pages from Mohawk Canoes.

Let the games begin!



The new Leet Canoe

Samuel and I went out on Friday evening and got a great deal on this new (to us) canoe….

….and it cost us just $150!

The previous owner ran the keel over some rocks, and repaired it with “fiberglass foam” and say it’s watertight, but I will rip out their repair and fiberglass it properly at some point in the next week or so.
I’ll probably try and do a little reading on the internet on “how to repair”, of course…

Samuel and I are very excited!

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have gone out and bought a couple of paddles, because of a new canoe, and here I am, at it again.

Saturday, we bought ourselves a couple of paddles, and had a quick tour of the lower Rouge. While it did take on a little water, we enjoyed being two men against the wild!

I managed to quickly and successfully remove all the old gunk this afternoon, and hope to get the boat back in the water by next weekend!