Day One 2014

I pulled out the 9wt, and fooled myself into believing that I would get luck today. I got up early and spent a couple of hours practising my casting on Highland Creek.

DayOneThere was frost on the ground, and the water was quite low and gin clear. Sadly, there were more signs of coyote than steelhead, I afraid. OTOH, it was a beautiful morning, really nice to get out. Just as I was going to throw in the towel, I found a little group of 12 big fish all ganged up together in a little pond on one of the curves. Still no luck, but maybe one day when the water’s a little higher!

More to come…

I guess I will be building another 3wt sooner or later…

I grabbed a couple of reel seats that one of the guys was selling on one of the forums. (These are the pics from the advt BTW)

The Lemke LC1 will look good on the G Loomis Slate blank (3wt)…


Makes me think I will use some shiny Snake Brand Universal Snake Guides, will look very different than the all black Lamiglass. Hmmmm….. what to do with the thread…



The Bellinger UL 720 for a future 5wt… which I haven’t even thought about yet.


Oh oh.

My First Fly Rod Build – Part TWO


“It is finished.”

Please, forgive the Easter reference (yes, that was *last* week), I just couldn’t resist!

I have to say, this was not as difficult as I had feared… on the other hand, it wasn’t all that easy to create a flawless rod either. I knew from the outset that this would be my “starter”, that there would be a learning curve to this. As with most things, it’s largely a question of patience and confidence, but practice does make perfect after all. I was most nervous about the epoxies, there is no “do-over”… and most confident about wrapping thread, you tie a few hundred flies, you figure out how to wrap thread.

I did learn a few things the hard way (see pic below!) and I hope that the next rod will benefit from that experience. Definitely will be able to put a little bit more thought into design, components, threads and finishes, but I get the feeling that, as with most things fly fishing related, there’s a lifetime learning curve to it!

All in all, I am pretty proud of my sweet little 3 wt.

Here she be!

Lami3wt2Lami3wt4 Lami3wt3


And tragically, I learned that the finish I put on the wraps, Trondak’s U-40 Perma Gloss, will actually MELT the ink right off the manufacturer’s decal. 🙁  I caught on almost immediately, made a split second decision to just splash on a horizontal brush stroke, and while it looks a little rougher than I would have liked, at least I saved the decal!



Would I build a fly rod again?


You betcha!