The Perch in the Cove

It’s been a very, very busy spring at work. Haven’t had time for much of anything personal, and time spent with my little guy, who is just 2, has been scarce. We were all eagerly anticipating a weekend in Prince Edward County… Family Time!

On the way down we stopped at Wally World and grabbed a “Diego the Explorer” fishing rod, manufactured by Zebco. It promised to teach him how to cast, and reel in. It also promised to be tangle-free! Plus, it had a bright green crocodile for a lure… who could resist?

My parents have a compost pile next to their house, and after a few turns with a pitchfork, we had all the worms we needed. We headed down to the dock, and before we could start, some fishing decisions are carefully pondered…

Dad and boy get ready to go fishing for the first time… putting worms on hooks!

On the very first cast we reeled in a very small perch, albeit the first of dozens we caught. The little perch that live in the cove were more than cooperative in making our first weekend fishing together a successful one!

My Dad got in on the act…

What could be cooler than watching your old man with his 1950’s vintage set-up go fishing with your little boy and his $9.99 Walmart special…. PRICELESS!

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