A Thrifty Week!

I’ve had a pretty darn good week when it comes to all things fishing related…

It all started about a week ago when Al, the fella from the fly tying symposium, sent me a couple of pics of a 40 inch salmon that he caught with his niece last week

Took some doing to land it, AND it broke their rod!

Luckily, he only uses what he calls “Garage Sale” specials when he fishes for salmon.

Which, of course, got my thrifty mind to thinking, and I headed out to Cambridge on a hot Saturday afternoon. I scooped up a big honking fibreglass rod, a little Canadian Tire travel kit, and a couple of really fabulous vintage reels, perfect for salmon!

Reel number one was a Beaudex from Young.

Reel number two was a Hardy’s Viscount 150.

So I’m really stoked to fix these up, and actually go fishing with these old classic reels. I’ve scrubbed down the Hardy’s since I took the pics, and hope to get it set up as a 9wt… because I also found myself a sweet deal on a 9foot 9wt rod. There was a guy in Orangeville who was upgrading, and I got a slightly used fly rod for less than a third of the price at Bass Pro. Crazy.

I drove to Orangeville yesterday, and spent a few hours afterwards trout fishing on the Credit south of Caledon. A really wonderful, badly needed bit of relaxation, just me and the little swimmers. Oh yeah, I was wearing my new waders, and boots, from the Hodgeman Outlet Store. Yup, there’s an online outlet store for this stuff. It’s kind of hard for a Canadian to shop from it, but if you’re willing to put in some time on the phone, and have a US address to ship to, it can be done, and you’ll spend less than half of retail here in the great north.

This afternoon, Big Al has promised to take me fly fishing for salmon, and show me how he does it… I’m pretty excited. If I can get out a few times over the next month or so, there’s a chance I’ll enjoy my trip to BC a lot more!


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