Flies for BC Salmon

I’m travelling out to BC in October, and will be targetting Coho on the Vedder and Harrison Rivers. Several sources have suggested that I just bring two flies, and that I should tie up some Rolled Muddlers and Christmas Trees.

Wisely, the advice I got from one experienced BC fly tier was “It seems that some days anything will work when it comes to muddlers and coho, and other days it seems like they want precisely four hairs arching back from the head. Your best bet with the muddlers is to stick with tried and true colour combinations rather than dicking around with wild stuff–if you get out here and the word on the street is that they want electric purple versions, then just go buy them. This way you get something that will be useful for fish other than coho.”


The pattern I got for the Rolled Muddler says

Hook: #4 to #12 3-4xl hook (Mustad 9672 or equivalent)
Thread: 6/0 red or fl. orange
Bead: 1/8-5/32″ Gold/Black/Red (optional)
Tail: Splayed mallard flank
Rib: Wire or Oval Tinsel (silver)
Body: Flat mylar tinsel and/or braided flat mylar
Underwing: A few strands of Krystal flash or flashabou (pearl or transluscent shades)
Wing: Rolled mallard kept low and swept back
Collar/Head: Spun deer hair clipped close into an arrow head shape but flat across the bottom to expose the thread “throat”, with several fibres left long in the collar as an overwing.

Here’s a similar muddler being tied on YouTube…


I will use the same hooks for the Christmas Tree, but need several shades of flashabou, and more beads. That pattern says
Hook: Almost anything you can slip a bead on that will hook a fish
Thread: Almost any colour and thickness
Hackle/body/wing: Flashabou (almost any colour but mostly silver, gold, green alone or in combination)
Bead: Any colour 1/8th” and up


P.S. I will post some pics of the flies I tied when I have them!




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