Urban Paddling: Crossing from Cherry Beach over to Toronto Island…

The forecast was for winds from the NW at 5km/h. It seemed like the perfect day to try a crossing over to the islands.

I wasn’t really sure if I had the strength, or the courage, to face, however briefly, the open waters of Lake Ontario. When I got to Cherry Beach, and saw that I was going to have to paddle straight into the wind, I was hesitant. But, hey, here was a challenge, and there were also plenty of lifeguards!

In the end, no big deal. It took me about an hour to get to Centre Island, and that was because I went out into the greater harbor, enjoying the view: dynamic urban skyline, sailboat classes, and the Island Ferries.

I had a nice time, and did some scouting as to where I might actually land my canoe when I head over to meet up with the family. I checked out the “Lagoons” the waterways that carve their way through the Islands. I had the chance to talk to some other fishermen in a canoe, and a guy in a Hobie Kayak. The word was that there were lots of small perch, and perhaps some big carp if you knew where to look.

I paddled around a bit, and returned home thru the “Lagoons”, making a much easier ride. I did see lots of perch, and oh baby, I saw some really big carp lounging about. Next time, I am going to try and put the first fish in the canoe!



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