My Underbrag

I learned a new word today… “underbrag“.

A guy like me, well most of my life I’ve been underbragging. I don’t need a reason to underbrag, I am just telling it like it is.

In any case, I don’t want to not blow my own horn, but, here we are, heading into late August, and I have yet to catch a fish in the new canoe.

I’ve tried. I’ve been out several times. I’ve paddled over giant carp, and returned the next day with my rod. I’ve asked in fishing shops, and brought my young son out to help. I’ve scoured the internet looking for Toronto’s hot fishing spots.

This morning, for example, I got up at 4:45 (mainly thanks to the baby, I have to admit) had a quick coffee, jumped in the car and was off to Pickering, for a sunrise launch at Frenchman’s Bay. OK, I was a few minutes late, but you know, the warmth of the sun really is required that early, what with air temps of 11C and a stiff breeze off Lake Ontario, with myself dressed for summer in shorts etc… it was really “fresh”.

Anyhow, I was a man of action, keen for adventure. A fresh box of 24 lively Night Crawlers just out of the fridge from Tight Line…. yeah okay, sure, I got them on Sunday, but these were nice worms. All the reports from the internet as well as the guy at the tackle store talked about “non-stop action”.

Well, the only real action I saw was when I headed back to the shore for a whiz… that’s something else I haven’t yet successfully done from the canoe.

A la prochaine…


(I have to admit, the only thing that kept me smiling was the fact that I had read this interesting post from Owl Jones last night…)



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