My Weekend Canoe Trip

Going for a “wilderness” canoe trip, a solo one at that, was something I had been wanting to do for a while. I had never actually gone canoe camping before, certainly not by myself! Despite the many overwhelming challenges I had this weekend, I don’t think I ever lost my “ear-to-ear” grin. It was absolutely something I would recommend to anyone, anytime.

It was a tough slog physically: the winds were intense, always straight at me, so… waves and whitecaps! The bitter cold, the wind chill, the heavy snow showers, were not things I had planned for. If there *was* firewood to scrounge, it was not apparent to me where on my little lake I would do that. I shivered. The icing on the cake, my stove was frozen solid in the morning.

OTOH, it was uplifting spiritually. A spot with incredible beauty, and calm. Silence. I could pray, and hear God’s voice. It may have been a solo canoe trip, but I never felt alone. I know it sounds crazy, but I  truly feel I got “connected” this weekend, a life changing opportunity. I’m so grateful for the many blessings that got me there, and wow, what a couple of days I had!

I would love to try it again next year. Maybe next time with another person, or a small group, maybe something more “off the beaten track”.

Every time I got myself in trouble, I could hear my mom’s voice in the back of my head…. “What are you thinking?!? You have two small boys, responsibilities!!

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