Rod Building 101: The Guide Book

I have a story to tell. At least, I hope to have a story to tell…

I am going to build myself a fly rod. I actually can’t remember how this all got started, but I have got the bug. I’ve been looking at other people’s builds on the internet, the good, the beautiful, and the downright ugly. I want to do that for me! No matter what I end up with, it will be a fly rod that was crafted by me, for me. If I can be a creative genius with images, homebrew and fly-tying, surely I can accomplish something worthy in a rod.

The Toronto Public Library may only have one book on building your own fly rod, but from the first chapter I loved reading Art Scheck’s Fly Rod Building Made Easy. It’s modern, it’s informative, easy to understand, and best of all, Art has a great sense of humour. His easy going approach to teaching makes my newbie’s stress simply vanish.


I am ordering a copy to have beside me, my guidebook into building my first fly rod!


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