My First Fly Rod Build – Part ONE

I have assembled all the bits and pieces for my first build.

I found a sweet deal on a blank in the classifieds on one of the rod building websites. My first build will be a 3pc 3wt fly rod, a  Lamiglass Appalachian Travel graphite 7′ blank.

I’ve been up and down and all over the map trying decide what components to buy, (and how much to spend!) and since this *is* my first build, and I have to spend a fair bit on tools and other sundries, I decided not to break the bank. Make it nice yes, but nothing too expensive, nothing that’s top of the line.

I decided to order from Hook and Hackle, a small shop compared to some of the larger mail order rod building outfits. They were fairly helpful, had what I wanted, and the prices were right. While it took a while for them to get everything in stock before they shipped,  they were AMAZING in shipping to Canada, and because of a small problem, upgraded my reel seat to a beauty that will look amazing on my all black “stealth” fly rod!

I am so happy that I had the Scheck book, I’m not sure I could have started without it! While they are many great videos on YouTube, there is something to be said for “the big picture”. I did get to the point where I needed to get some advice, and, after reaching out to Greg Herring of Winter Hatches, he put me in touch with Ron Bolton, who has not only built many rods over the last three decades, but is also a champion fly caster, and president of the West Hill Casting Club. And he lives two blocks away!

Ron has very generously donated his time and advice, lent me his wrapper and rod dryer, even donated a few bits and pieces. I’m very grateful to him, and hope I can learn more from him, there seems to be no limit to his passion for sharing what he knows about the world of fly fishing. Let’s face it, I need all the help I can get!


A couple of quick pictures… Here’s one of my first wraps…


After using Ron’s Hand Wrapper, I tried to build my own… it’s a bit of a prototype, I think I have some ideas on how to make something better for the next fly rod I build….


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