Fishing The Ganny

Yesterday was a nice little day spent fishing for nice little fish on The Ganaraska River, up north of Port Hope. The weather was rather cool after a couple of really hot days, and it was a welcome break to take a day off to toss a few flies. With Ron and Barry’s continued advice and input, I am really starting to improve my abilities!

One big surprise was that, at the end of May, there were still steelhead spawning…

TROUT spawn


Mostly, though, there were just lots and lots of very keen little trout. I got a few hits on the Frenchie Nymph, but the Picketpin that Ron gave me was like a magnet! I caught a couple of dozen fish, and after so many small ones, a six-inch puts on a real fight, let me tell you! The water was fairly clear, it was very cool to see larger fish (10-12 inches) come out of hiding, although they usually turned their nose up at my offering… ah well, c’est la guerre. Here’s a few of my pics to show what the action was like…





They are all so very pretty!


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