The Fly Tying Bench

There was one of those big fishing shows a couple of weeks ago, and I had planned on taking the day Friday to wander around, and look at all the great fly fishing stuff that people with more disposable income than I have (or perhaps a better line of credit) might consider purchasing on a cold mid-winter weekend. Don’t forget, I’m trying to do this on a budget, and I am still getting the feeling for what I might actually need.

I’ve enjoyed my preliminary attempts at tying flies…. but the process of working on my desk was driving me a little nuts! First I would have to clear everything off my desk, then clamp the vise to the edge (which blocks the drawer), then start scattering all the various threads, tools, feathers, and other fluffy bits all over the desk… needless to say, once I started tying, it was difficult to turn the computer on, and do anything even remotely work related.

I realized that I needed a Fly Tying bench.

There was an advt for a used Fly Tying Kit on kijiji that caught my eye… and suddenly, I knew that I was better spending my time and money investing in a really sweet setup that would really round out my tying needs… the fishing show would just have to wait until next year.

For just $40, I got this sturdy oak Fly Tying bench, some more tools, lots of hooks, feathers, furs, chennilles, marabou, and assorted other fluffy bits that I can only imagine what to do with!

Best of all there was another vise in the lot. While the simple chrome vise that I won at the Symposium does the job, I found it a little awkward to have a single clamp control all the movements. You know, you lock down the hook only to discover that it is just slightly rotated away from you, so you have to start again, dropping the hook, and the cycle repeats itself.

A little frustrating.

This new vise, also manufactured by Integra, has an additional clamp which controls the rotation of the arm which holds the hook. So now, the vise clamps to the bench itself, can go up or down on the center column, the cam sets and locks to hold the hook, and the rotation can also be set to either vertical, bottom, or the sides if need be!

Here's a couple of other views of the new vise...


I’m pretty happy to have found this Fly Tying Bench. It not only has a slightly better tying vise, but it’s going to help me keep organized, and at least relatively tidy, I suppose…








Best of all, I can just pick it up, and move the entire fly tying set-up very quickly. This not only means that I can be tying flies wherever I feel like, but it also means that I can pick up the whole mess and get out of the way, no matter how much of a mess I have made.

Overall, having slots for tools, a work surface, a strong wooden arm to clamp the vise onto, and all those dowels for holding the many various colours of fly tying threads, I believe that this “new-to-me” Fly Tying Bench will prove to be a welcome addition to my set-up.

All this, and for a great price.

I may have missed the really big show, but…


I think I just made my own little show a whole lot sweeter!

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