Teach A Kid to Tie a Fly

I spent the last couple of afternoons at the Toronto Sportsman’s Show. Believe it or not, I was actually there helping to teach kids how to tie a fly, a wooly worm. The booth, I believe, is sponsored by Trout Unlimited, and most of the volunteers were from the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club. (This club is really active, quite a large membership, and is organizing a Fly Fishing Forum next month that looks spectacular!)

I was somewhat skeptical that I was qualified, and somewhat terrified to even try teaching, but volunteer organizer Bill Christmas assured me that it would be a lot of fun, that I would learn a lot by watching… so I gave it a try!

It was a fantastic experience. The kids were really keen, and quite earnest in their effort to create a perfectly tied fly. I met a lot of great kids, and a lot of great moms and dads sharing their spring break. I actually did learn a lot by teaching, to say nothing of being able to watch the approach of eight other highly qualified tyers.

All in all it was time well spent!



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